The WASZP GAMES – One design foiler on the big stage!

Fleet racing is super exciting Peter Slack Photography

Well how exciting is this, the most popular one design foiler in the world is hosting its inaugural International Championship only 1 year since production commenced on this product. The WASZP is taking grass roots sailing to new levels around the world.


Campione, Univela Yacht Club on the picturesque Lake Garda in Italy, will host the inaugural WASZP Games. It is exciting on so many levels, with the regatta/event style taking sailing to new places. A large emphasis on beach culture and learning from windsurfing and kite surfing, it is an event not to be missed.

Campione, Univela Peter Slack Photography
Campione, Univela Peter Slack Photography

With over 400 boats shipped around the world it makes for an incredibly exciting class to be apart of. It is expected 50+ boats will compete in the WASZP Games, with 12 countries being represented already with more entries to come.

WASZPS In action Peter Slack Photography
WASZPS In action Peter Slack Photography

There is quality everywhere with a few of the gun Moth sailors trying their hands at the one design boat. Harry Mighell from Australia would have to be one of the favourites having also played a strong part in the design of the boat. From the USA we have Reed Baldridge who recently won the Atlantic Coast Championship and competed in the Youth Americas Cup. The Kiwis will be strong with a small contingent coming over after their successful Nationals held in March. The European influence will be large and it is going to be fantastic to see an abundance of young Norwegian Sailors from Foiling Norway competing. These young guns are straight out of Optis and aged 13-16 making it so exciting for the class.

Some different racing formats have also been decided, with the introduction of handicap starting, the same as reverse grid Grand Prix motorsport, Slalom racing and GPS speed events, to compliment the Championship course racing.  This should provide an opportunity for all sailors to try their skills at different formats which will suit all sailors.

Reed Baldridge USA Peter Slack Photography
Reed Baldridge USA Peter Slack Photography

Off-the-water it will be no different, with Stand-up-paddling, Canyoning and boat workshops taking place. As well as on-water training being provided by the WASZP Team. It is the perfect balance of a family holiday, a beach party and some seriously competitive racing. There will be some fantastic social events run post racing each day with an opening ceremony and a WASZP Party, with a live band and sensational food and beverages to party the night away.


Stay tuned for more updates as this event ramps up. We can’t wait to see what this new exciting one-design class brings to the sailing world.

For more info on the class go to or FACEBOOK page.

Also WASZP have a dedicated event page for the WASZP Games

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