VIDEOS: Post-race interviews | Milang-Goolwa Freshwater Classic

Photos: Chris Caffin

Following the completion of this year’s Milang-Goolwa Freshwater Classic, we caught up with a number of sailors in the boat park to talk about how the race went.

While all of them mentioned to us that it was a tough race in scorching heat, it was great to get an insight into how the experience was for a range of different sailors.

The first interview was with Meningie-based Taipan 5.7 sailors Tim and Josh Wright, who were one of the earlier finishers for the day.

Check out that interview here…

The second person we caught up with was Mike O’Reilly, the skipper on his Farr 740 Sport, Oh Really!, who had some interesting tactics for how to cope with the heat.

Find out how he managed the conditions here…

We also caught up with one of the boats that traveled a great distance to be here and is also a regular competitor in the race – Joe Kelly, who sailed with his Mum and Dad on a Castle 650 that came from Port Lincoln.

Have a look at the chat we had with them here…

After a long and challenging race in the Tasar fleet, Adrian Nicholson arrived at Goolwa in good time. We spoke to him about how challenging the race was in such a small boat but also how much fun it is for the five-boat fleet.

Check out that interview here…

Lastly, we spoke to one of the event race officers, Rick Eylward, who has run racing at this event for more than 15 years. He said although it was extreme weather, the sailors all performed exceptionally well.

View that interview here…

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